Review of ‘Messengers of Hope’ by Hand of Fate

Review by Joshua Becker | Feb. 10, 2020

The album reminds me a little bit of early Nightwish — Oceanborn, Sleeping Sun-era Nightwish. The lead singer appears to have a mixture between a regular tone and an operatic tone, not always present, like she is experimenting with her voice. 

Some of the songs seem to drown out the voice of the lead singer, especially the heavy guitars in the background. Recommendation is to work on mixing and mastering to tone down the musical instrument levels in the background. 

Overall impressions, they’re not horrible, they sound like a rough cut-type-band where it sounds like they’re just getting a start in the industry. 

I would give this album a 2.5 out of 5 as the lack of presence of the lead singer and the music drowning out take away a lot for the listener. 

Review of ‘Order of the Minus’ by Project Renegade

Review by Joshua Becker | December 28, 2019

Project Renegade are a metal band hailing from Athens, Greece. Order of the Minus is their latest hit album. Upon first listen, even thought it’s labeled as metal, it seems like a fusion of industrial metal at times too.

Heavy guitar riffs signify metal, and electronic sounds in the background of certain songs like Liber8 with the intro and what sounds like metal clanging and a siren indicative of industrial metal.

Vocal production overall is great, and instrumentation seem very professionally-done. The singer has a nice, clear, on-pitch voice.

I really liked the album and I would give this a solid 4 stars. I would give it more, but it sounds like every song on the album has the same beat or similar, almost like the songs are recycling the same beats. Other than that, nice solid work, and I look forward to what they produce next.

Overall Rating: 4/5